"We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors,
we have borrowed it from our grandchildren."

Lions game 80”x80”

Lions game 80”x80”


Environment Portraits

Cinematographers soften dramatic visions with light filtered through dust. Nostalgia is represented in warmer tones, from sepia-oranges to the adjustment of the blues edges to green. Similarly, light filters through my clouds, behind trees, shining on flowers, on blades of grass. The beauty of light refracts in deep ponds. For me the transient shadows of trees are more interesting that the tree itself. The shade it brings, the clean air, a space for us to gather in collective memories.

My storm series softly edge from dark clouds to light. Strong winds prompt a dance of luminescent leaves, shimmering in reds and warm golds. In the storms, dancing trees, and the melody of night skies, my chosen memories are softened and whimsical. Bold strokes and drama add structural tension, but my work remains lighthearted, optimistic.

I strive to bring the range of color we see and feel  into our limited visual form of print, paint and digital realm. A warm afternoon sun with long shadows, or the softened play of shadows through the trees--- the light in which we see things-- is what makes our memories. Our perspective, what we see with feeling, connects us.

Larger Than Life

KAREN LORENA PARKER describes the soul of a modern woman with her technical and conceptual prowess. Pulpfiction Politics are referenced in Attack of 230ft Lady Justice and NRA Question Period as she flexes her voice on obstruction of justice and gun violence in the United States.

Parker's mother fled to Chile from the Nazi war, then Parker’s family left the Pinochet regime to build a peaceful Canadian life. Defining experiences & immigrant upbringing informs her conceptual work, which explores fear of propaganda, injustice, corporate greed and dystopian views of sci-fi and popular culture.

A satiric play at poignant subject matter,translates divisive outrage to romanticized positive imagery inviting dialogue to create conversation and dialogue. Choosing to become an artist at 16 disappointed her immigrant parents—but instilled passion to make relevant work. A drive to master formal drawing, painting, design, & communicating concepts. Explore Parker’s collections, discover her unique voice and her self-chosen role to contribute to the world’s visual library.

Her FEMININE WILD series visualize her unconscious thoughts about rewriting womens' stories. Earthly Aspirations: Dr Mae Jemison aims to correct the unacceptable erasure of women’s role in history by affording new visibility to forgotten figures. From the uncredited female programmers of the Fifties, to the notable esteemed black females Hollywood failed to depict when producing NASA narratives, to the women scientists overlooked and uncredited — the honest documentation of historic women and present day is critical and essential to my art’s political purpose.

VINTAGE FEMME women with a well deserved larger than life moment of triumph draw from her love of the curated fashion eras. She celebrates all facets of femininity: professional, emotional, as well moments of daily life. Contributing to the conversation and adding women to pulp-fiction’s visual library, bringing them back to the conversation.