Tonal Studies for DMP Concepts.

Lenses, camera angles are new to me--so much visual language to learn in film! But tonal studies, I can definitely relate to being a landscape painter. Tones change dramatically as you move from foreground to mid-ground to background. Tonal studies in black and white simplify atmospheric perspective where colours relate to their surroundings. Like driving the TransCanada, our tree lined mountains are bluer in the distance, but the same mountains become green when becoming a foreground element. The contrast also changes, as the foreground trees show dark shadows (blackpoint) where the distant trees have less contrast, and the black never gets darker than a grey.

As always, the artist directs the viewer, sets the tone and mood depending on how you choose these tonalities. Start with a strong sense of light, an intention. Depth is just another tool to help direct focus. Consider areas of contrast, and how tones relate to one another to achieve a strong composition with purpose.