#IDSwest Inspiring Moments

Inspiring moments included #HCMA, an architect design group that is focusing on “What’s Possible?” vs “This is what we do” mindset. Starting with community, they are using their expertise to connect people, engage and activate sites in Vancouver (HCMA day). Isn’t that what architects are supposed to do? Seems they are one of the rare few.

#TiltMoments, when you can change your perspective to a problem or help others see things differently. HCMA has a different approach to playtime – a serious approach. The work is getting done, and getting noticed. Multidisciplinary design including artists in residence, interior and graphic designers. The world is finally catching up instead of trying to label the talents of renaissance artists. Join @MarkBusse creativemornings

@VanArtRental  Donna Partridge compared the feeling when seeing art as the same physical emotional response seeing someone we love. Rapid heartbeat, dizziness, The Stendhal syndrome or Florence syndrome sparks in countries where people visit galleries in the summer. The value of art in a space is an emotional one. Building a relationship with artists adds to that emotional investment.

Speaking with @upwardconstruct owner Michael, I felt another kindred professional who speaks of using a green living wall on large sites - -as a gift to your neighbor vs a large concrete structure. Ways that we can build our homes and structures --  not just for us but for community benefit. What better way to make our home a treasure, when it is surrounded by a community of happiness.