linkiesta:   Karen Lorena Parker, arte sublime alla ricerca delle donne perdute i  talian publication click here

linkiesta: Karen Lorena Parker, arte sublime alla ricerca delle donne perdute italian publication click here


The paintings of Karen Lorena Parker featured in publications: Linkiesta Italy, KingdomzxDeluxe New York, Time to Shine AbuDhabi, SocietyDubai, Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight, Richmond Review, Richmond News, Metro, Night of Artists, Calgary Herald, Western Living and others.

Including: international exhibitions, designer favourites, Martin Mars painting donated to Richmond fire hall in appreciation for Dan McIvor's outstanding vision and work,

Martin Mars, Sea Island Firehall

Martin Mars, Sea Island Firehall

Martin Mars - Dan McIvor

Dan McIvor was the father of the Martin Mars. The famous water bomber that has saved countless lives in forest fires across Canada and the United States. In 2003, after the devastating Kelowna forest fires, Dan McIvor was awarded the Order of Canada at 92 years old -- for his vision in changing the old cruiser plane into what it is today.

I was fortunate to know Mr McIvor as my neighbor. He was a big part of our community on Sea Island, and he was also a volunteer firefighter. This large painting was dedicated to him and dontated to the Sea Island Firehall in his memory.

Richmond Review:
Public Art, Sea Island #4 Firehall, Richmond BC.

Dan McIvor, an senior Burkeville resident passed away at 94, after being awarded the Order of Canada in 2003 during the Kelowna Fires. His determination and ingenuity made the Martin Mars a "Water Bomber" when planes were just firespotters.

From Burkeville to Kelowna the pleasant-ville spirit has not changed since the Sea Island Community began with employees from the Boeing Plant in the 50s. Home to over 300 residents; most of whom had the pleasure of knowing Dan McIvor and his contribution to the neighborhood. 
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Water Bomber Visionary 
Honoured in B.C.
By Adwen Welsie, Epoch Times Victoria Staff Sep 06, 2007

Back in the late 1950s, after British Columbia was badly hit by a series of large forest fires, lumber companies decided they needed bigger water bombers than the Otters, Beavers and Avengers in use at the time.

The only snag was that big flying boats were going out of vogue by then, and most had been sold for scrap. However, when pilot Dan McIvor heard that the U.S. Navy planned to sell its huge Martin Mars flying boats, which had been used during World War 11, he immediately set about obtaining them.
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