Tree of Life Bahrain, Ramee Hotel

Tree of Life
Bahrain, Ramee Hotel

With over 500 paintings in my history, here are a select few and an introduction to collections of my international work.

Storm Trees

Bright vivid strokes of light play in the leaves of wind blown autumn trees. The power of nature in all its dramatic beauty in these large scale canvases are intense with tension and full of light.

Jericho Beach, Vancouver

Jericho Beach, Vancouver


Restless skies or clear, crisp and clean;  inspired by living in the Prairies. Big Skies with wind-torn clouds or bright puffy cumulus that float in a deep blue. Driving past wheatfields, rolled haybails and grain elevators and clear crisp mountains on the horizon. A big fan of lighting, I love these abstract forms of reflective and refractive light.

Enjoy the series including, Prairie Cloudscapes, Nocturne featuring the Aurora Borealis and the misty shorelines and reflective ponds.


Ovazione Avenches, Switzerland

Avenches, Switzerland


Avenches Opera series> Bold expressions of congratulations in Ovazione, Movemiento.
Reflections of a Garden Party> Enjoy the outdoor garden party of reflections and colored petals dancing over a mosaic table.

Floral Whispers> Quiet subdued tones.

Prints available in this series 
Ovazione, Movimiento, Floral Whispers

IDSwest 2011

IDSwest 2011


Organic Patterns: natural light falling in overlays of color, also distributed in open edition prints.