A Painting Every Day


Excellence is a habit, and so I have had a career, painting every day. As I now want to work as a Concept Artist/ Matte Painter -- my speed has to be up there with the best. Most people ask me how long my paintings (fine art) take, and my answer is more than a month. But Daily-ies require me to work faster. Concepts in minutes, and reiterate for my lead, to show clients, directors, and start over again. As my speed increases for Matte painting, my photo-realistic work will be back to the enjoyable months of perfection.

Portraiture is an interesting challenge to not only capture resemblance, but expression, tonality and the psychology of what we think is beautiful, what we accept as ourselves. These are digital illustrations in photoshop. No mess, no paint to mix. Although I tried to keep them to an hour time limit -- they usually took about 2-4 hours.